Providing as much information as you can to your teammates ensures expectations are clear and tasks are completed as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. 

Formatting your text with lists, headings, highlights, and more solves many communication issues, and this doc will help explain what is possible in a ClickUp task. You can even embed items from other apps!

ClickUp's Text Editor

how to use slash commands to add rich text editing

The extensive options in the editor menu let you emphasize exactly what's important. You can open up the menu item any time by typing / to access /Slash Commands!

"Turn Into" slash command

To change your text block into different formatting, type /tu to quickly access the Turn Into menu.

Insert attachments

Add attachments like images and videos directly into your task's description and comments! Simply click the paperclip icon, copy and paste, or hit / on your keyboard!

how to use slash commands to attach items to a task

Re-size images to fit in line with the rest of your task! 

how to resize images in a task description

Extra Editing that becomes available includes:

  • Increase indent

  • Decrease indent

  • Text align right, center, left

Syntax Highlighting

how to do syntax highlighting

When using Code block formatting, ClickUp will interpret just about any language with colorized-clarity. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Javascript

  • Python

  • Ruby

  • CSS

  • Java

  • PHP

  • HTML

how to utilize rich text editing via API

Pro Tip: When using the Syntax Highlighter, hitting enter  three times in a row will break you out of the highlighting.

Markdown Shortcuts

Convert markdown to rich text formatting without leaving your keyboard. This includes your traditional formatting shortcuts as well as some custom items:

  • Headings - # H1 text # , ## H2 text ## , etc

  • Bold - *bold text*   

  • Italics - _italicized text_    

  • Strikethough - ~text with a line through it~ 

  • Bulleted list - - starts a bulleted list 

  • Numbered list - 1. starts a numbered list 

  • Checkbox - [] creates a simple checkbox

  • Block Quote - > starts long quote formatting

  • Inline Code -  `  highlights simple text

  • Code Blocks -  ``` pre-formats simple text

  • Syntax highlighting -   ``` + space interprets and colors many programming languages

  • Divider - --- adds a dividing line into description

Other Items


Words, just like life, are better with more color. 🌈 That's why we've added font color options to our toolbar so you can turn your SOPs into riveting works of art 😉

But the rainbow doesn't stop there! We also offer highlighter options like purple and blue to easily differentiate between different contexts.

how to change font colors and highlight colors in a doc

Comments Editor

how to have the rich text editing menu bar appear
  • Bold - *bold text* 

  • Italics - _italicized text_ 

  • Strikethough - ~text with a line through it~ 

  • Block Quote - > + space  starts long quote formatting

  • Inline Code -   `   highlights simple text

  • Code Blocks -   ```   pre-formats simple text

  • Syntax highlighting -  ``` + space interprets and colors many programming languages

  • Add checklist check


ClickUp knows when you add a link from trusted platforms. It automatically embeds an iFrame so that you can preview in ClickUp! 

how to embed links and resize

Supported platforms include: 

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • Vine

  • VideoPress

  • Figma

  • Loom

Formatting Toolbar

Highlight text in Docs and descriptions to quickly adjust the styling. Save even more time by pinning the toolbar! For those who always want to see your options, pin them to the top for easy access. 

how to show the rich text editing menu bar in a doc

Are there any other formatting items you'd like to see in ClickUp? If so, please add a comment, vote, or new request on our feedback board here!

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