Minimizing a task will dock the task into your tray, allowing you to come back at any point. Use this to keep active tasks at the front of your mind all day 🤔

How to Use Minimized Tasks

  1. Open a task window
  2. Locate the minimize button in the upper-right corner of the window
  3. Click to dock this task into your tray 

How to Remove Tasks from your Tray

Tasks in your tray are easily removed with the x button.

Additionally, when you open a task that is in your tray, you will see a green checkmark on the minimize button. 

Hovering will reveal a red x that removes the task from your tray without having to jump from tab to tab or closed the task!

Don't fear information being lost!

  • Opening ClickUp in a new browser tab will retain your docked tasks for further use!
  • Minimizing (or closing) a task with a partially written comment will save the comment as a draft 🔥

Moving Items in Your Tray

Rearrange the tasks in your tray with the following task handle

Pro Tips

  • Your tray remains visible when viewing a docked task. This allows you switch easily between the important tasks with one click!
  • You can even move a task into your tray from your in-app notifications page! Just hover over a notification and select the button shown below:

Why Use the Tray

  1. Priorities aren't always 100% accurate. 
  2. Tasks with overlapping due dates aren't ideal.
  3. Tracking tasks through the notifications feed can be overwhelming. 

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