It's about time that someone combines everything you need related to time in one platform! ClickUp's Calendar view is your place for planning, scheduling, and even resource management. 


Just like in List and Board views, it’s up to you how much of the hierarchy you want to see in the Calendar. Choose to view a single List, an entire Folder or Space, or even Everything:

Choose how much time you want to see in your Calendar by clicking on this menu:

  • Day: See scheduled tasks for any given day (those with set times, and all-day tasks as well)
  • 4-Days: See a rolling four day period 
  • Week: Visualize a whole week and move tasks around from day to day as needed. 
  • Month: Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire month

Note: Use the arrows (< >) next to the dropdown menu to skip between weeks, months, etc. Anytime you want to jump back to view “today”, just click on “Today”.

Schedule Tasks

By default, any task with a start and/or due date will automatically appear on your Calendar. You can drag and drop them around the Calendar to adjust their dates!

To see unscheduled and overdue tasks, click this text on the righthand column of your calendar:

You’ll see a sidebar expand with unscheduled tasks. Now, you can drag and drop them onto the Calendar to schedule them!

You can also see Overdue tasks to easily reschedule tasks that didn’t get done on time. 

Pro tip! If tasks have time estimates, they'll be scheduled automatically as you drop them.

My Schedule

Toggle on "Me" mode show all of your assigned tasks for the Workspace, regardless of what view you're in:

Note that you can also choose to include tasks where you have:

Soon, this will also sync with your calendar to show all of your events in one place.

Show Subtasks

Choose to show or hide scheduled subtasks from your Calendar under the ...  menu in the upper right corner:

Color Tasks in Calendar View

Click on the droplet icon and choose to color tasks by their parent List colors, status, or even dropdown custom fields!  

Show items on your Task Cards

Click the ...  menu and choose exactly how you want your Calendar to be displayed. Choose to:

  • Set a time format (AM/PM or 24 hr)
  • Show or hide weekends and hours
  • Make info like assignees, tags and more visible on your task cards

Sync your calendar with Google, Outlook, and Apple

You can sync any scheduled task (or subtask) to an external calendar in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the dropdown menu 
  3. Click on the option to “Sync with Calendar”

From there, you can sync your ClickUp tasks to Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, iCal and more!

Filtering in Calendar View

Another great way to cut out the clutter? Try filtering your tasks by clicking on this funnel icon:

Click the + symbol to add new filters to your view. You can also save a filter for later use by clicking on the floppy disk icon.

Other Cool Features

  • Quick-create a new task in “Week” or “Month” view by clicking on the plus sign in a date window. You can click anywhere in “Day” view to do this as well:
  • Bulk select tasks with the Multitask Toolbar to quickly make changes to tasks with ease. You've got two ways of doing this: 
  • Hold command (Mac) or control (Windows) and click on multiple tasks
  • Click and drag to highlight multiple tasks
  • Easily identify Milestones by the icon and bolded task name
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