Each List in ClickUp can have additional information stored within its List Info section. This allows you to add things like a description, owner, priority, conversation, files and more! 

You can access List Info by clicking the “i” icon in a List view:

You can add the following in the List Info section:

  1. Start Dates: Indicate a date to begin working on tasks
  2. Due Dates: Let your team know when items needs to be completed
  3. Descriptions: This is the perfect place to shed light on goals or have a chat with teammates
  4. Time Estimated: See the cumulative time estimated to complete tasks in the List
  5. Time Tracked: See cumulative time tracked in all tasks within a List
  6. Attachments: Upload files to quickly reference and keep important items attached to a List
  7. Priority: Define level of urgency for your List (urgent, high, normal, low)
  8. Owners: Assign a List to a member in your Workspace
  9. Watchers: Add people as Watchers to receive notifications about updates that occur in the List
  10. Statuses: Set up custom workflows for your List
  11. Comments: Discuss the list of tasks with your teammates
  12. Colors: Customize list colors with text labels to use colors as statuses, tags, or anything you choose
  13. New tasks: Click on + NEW TASK within your List Info to add a new Open status task to the List

Who has access to List info? Can Guests see List info? 

Anyone that has access to the List will also have access to List info. This includes Guests.

Guests will not be able to edit List info, but they can comment and upload attachments (if they have permissions to). Additionally, if you hide Time Tracking or Time Estimates from guests, they will not be able to see that information in List Info. 


When added as a List watcher, you’ll receive in-app notifications when updates occur in the List Info section (i.e. an attachment or comment is added, priority changed, etc.). To learn more about managing in-app notifications, check out this doc!

You can also set up granular notifications for Lists via email, mobile or browser:

  1. Click on your profile avatar in the lower left corner of the screen
  2. Select “Notifications”
  3. Scroll down to the “List Info” section
  4. Enable the types of notifications you’d like to receive for Lists you are watching!

Pro Tip: Sections of List Info are also highly relevant in the Portfolios feature, which provides a high-level overview of the List activity within your Workspace!

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