Sync your ClickUp tasks with Google Calendar and/or your Google Calendar events with ClickUp Calendar view!

If 2-way sync is enabled with this integration, changes to synced ClickUp tasks will automatically update in your Google Calendar. And if you make an update to a synced task in Google Calendar, those updates will also sync back into ClickUp!

We keep track of any change to titles, start dates, and due dates. Seriously. You make the change, ClickUp does the rest.

Additionally, you can choose to show events from your Google Calendar on your ClickUp Calendar view and if you reschedule the event in either place, that change will be reflected in both!

How to Connect a Google Calendar to ClickUp

Option 1

From any Calendar view, open the right sidebar

Image pointing to three line menu at top of Calendar right sidebar

At the bottom of the sidebar, you will see the option to Add Calendar. Click there to reveal the options.

Open Calendar view sidebar with arrow pointing to Add Calendar option at the bottom

Option 2

Open Settings from your avatar menu, and find Calendar at the bottom of your sidebar.

Avatar menu with arrow pointing to Settings

Settings menu with Calendar highlighted

2. Authorize a Google Calendar of your choosing.

3. Select what to sync:

  • Sync events from Gcal into ClickUp

  • Sync tasks from specific places in ClickUp, right into Gcal

Gif showing options for syncing Google events to a ClickUp calendar

When syncing tasks to Google, you have several options to customize! You can drill into your Hierarchy to sync tasks from a Space, Folder, or List!

Options when Syncing tasks to Google

Synced Google events

If you sync Google events into ClickUp, at the bottom right of each Calendar view, you have the option to toggle on/off your specific Google calendars. Only calendars from the 'My Calendars' section of Google will be available.

Note: Synced Google calendar events will show up in all Calendar Views of every Workspace that you are a member of.


To ensure your most-used Google Calendars are not booked by ClickUp tasks, we recommend creating a brand new Google Calendar to sync to.

This is also great because you can quickly show or hide the new Google Calendar to reveal your tasks.

Important notes:

  • If no start time is set, it will automatically be set to 12:00 AM; likewise, tasks created in ClickUp with dates but not times will become "all day" events in Google Calendar

  • Tasks created in ClickUp will sync to Google Calendar; events created in Google Calendar will not create tasks in ClickUp

  • Tasks must have a start or due date in order to sync. Tasks without start or due dates in ClickUp will not be synced to Google Calendar

  • Tasks with due dates in the past will not sync to Google Calendar

  • You cannot sync ClickUp tasks to a shared Google Calendar, only to a personal Google Calendar

  • Future recurring tasks will not sync from ClickUp to Google, only the current instance will be shown

If you are having trouble keeping your Google account synced to ClickUp, it is possible that you have a program or browser setting that deletes cookies periodically. We recommend checking your browser/adblock settings to resolve this.

Frequent Questions

Can I sync multiple ClickUp Workspaces to one Google Calendar?

Of course! You can sync content from as many Workspaces, Spaces, and Folders to your calendar (or calendars) as you like.

What happens to closed tasks? Can they be removed from the Google Calendar?

Not yet! But we are hard at work on a new feature that will give you this option. Keep an eye on our roadmap for updates!

A more comprehensive doc on Google Calendar FAQs can be found here!

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Have ideas or suggestions for this Google Calendar integration? Please leave your suggestions on our feedback boards here! 😄

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