Note: If icon placement on your screen looks a little different than in this video, you could be on a different Workspace layout!

View and create subtasks directly from List and Board Views!

Creating Subtasks

List View

For a task that does not yet have an existing subtask, you can create one by hovering over the task and selecting the icon below!

Board View

You’ll see this same icon appear when hovering over a task without subtasks in Board View:

How to show subtasks as separate items

Click on the subtask dropdown menu in the upper right corner of your screen: 

  • “Expanded” will expand subtasks directly beneath their parent tasks
  • “As separate tasks” will display subtasks as separate items from their parents. Select this option if you want subtasks to appear in your filtering results.
  • “Compact” will hide your subtasks from view, but you can always click on the subtask icon to expand them in place

Change subtasks in bulk with the Multitask Toolbar

Utilize the Multitask Toolbar to quickly take action on tasks and subtasks! 

In List View, hover over a subtask or task and click the dot that appears on its left side. Then, choose an action from the Toolbar:

You can use the Multitask Toolbar in Board View as well! Either:

  • Hover over a task and click the dot that appears to select it
  • Click on the ellipses at the top of a column and choose “select all” to select all tasks and subtasks in the column

Turn Task into Subtasks

If tasks you want to convert to subtasks are in the same view, simply drag one task onto another! You're also able to quickly rearrange your subtasks by dragging and dropping them where they should go.

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