Comb through items that you've recently viewed, created, updated or closed in a few clicks!

Animation showing legacy Search to find items in a Workspace

Choose if you want to see results for tasks, Docs, Conversations, attached files, or all of the above!

Note: This article refers to the legacy Search feature. Check out the Command Center to experience an even more powerful search tool!

In Simple layout, search can be found at the top of your left sidebar.

Screenshot of the Sidebar highlighting the Search bar

Note: The Search tasks... bar under the Space, Folder, or List you're viewing will only search the level of the Hierarchy you are currently viewing. The search bar covered in this article will search the entire Workspace.

In the Clean and Modern layout, search can be found in the upper right-hand corner of your Workspace.

Screenshot highlighting where to find Search in the Clean and Modern Layouts

How it Works

  1. Click on the search bar in the upper right corner
    Alternatively: Press s on your keyboard

  2. Choose to see results for tasks, Docs, Conversations, attached files, or all of the above

  3. Type in a keyword!

All Search Options

  1. Created: Tasks recently created by yourself

  2. Viewed: Tasks you've opened

  3. Updated: Tasks where you've performed some actions

  4. Tracked: Tasks where you've recently tracked time

  5. Closed: Tasks you've marked closed

Task Search Options

  • Task names: Simply returns the titles of tasks

  • Descriptions: Returns descriptions and highlights where your keywords are mentioned

  • Comments: Returns full comments that contain your keyword

  • Doc name

  • Attachment name

  • Member name

Searching Options

You can even choose what type of results are derived from your search

Screenshot highlighting the legacy search parameters

Filter your results

You can limit the results you see to select Spaces, Folders and Lists by clicking on the settings icon:

Screenshot highlighting the Location filter


Click QuickSwitch to switch over to ClickUp's navigator or simply hit K. It's the perfect solution for removing unnecessary clicks from your workday. Instantly move between Spaces, Folders, Lists, Views and Profiles with just a few keystrokes:

Screenshot highlighting the Quickswitch button

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