Use Zapier to connect ClickUp with 1,000+ tools with no technical knowledge! 

Zaps, which are automatic data transfers between applications, are super straightforward to setup and take about a minute to do so.

Set up a Zap

Each Zap is built with a trigger and a resulting action. Most Zaps are as simple as the following:

  • “For each Google Form submission, create a task in ClickUp”
  • “If someone emails me, create a task in ClickUp.”

You can configure Zaps to your liking. For example, I could updated these Zaps to accomplish the following: 

  • “For each Google Form submission, create a task in ClickUp with form contents in the description”
  • “If Zeb emails me, create a task in ClickUp with the email's subject line as the task title, the content as the description, and me as the assignee.”


  1. Visit the "Make a Zap!" page to get started
  2. You'll authenticate your ClickUp account as well as the app you're connecting with
  3. Choose your trigger settings. This could be something like Instagram's "New Media Posted" trigger
  4. At this point you're just matching the trigger to an action such as ClickUp's "Create a new Task"
  5. When tested, name your Zap and turn it on!


Google Calendar

  • Create ClickUp tasks:
  • Create Google Calendar events: 

Email Tasks

  • Email tasks to ClickUp
  • Create ClickUp tasks when you tag an email
  • Also includes helpdesk applications like Front and Helpscout

Issue Tracking

  • Bitbucket
  • Gitlab

The Zapbook of all templates created by Zapier users is found here!

Get Started

To start using Zapier, sign up for an account!

Need help from a Zapier representative? Contact them here.

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