Creating new Folders from your Sidebar in ClickUp is easy!

How to

  1. Click the >  in the upper left corner of your screen to expand your sidebar
  2. Click + icon just to the right of the Space name.
  3. Opt to create a new Folder, or make one from a template
  4. Add Lists (Optional)
  5. Click Create Folder 


  1. New Folder - Create a blank canvas with new, empty Lists - Choose existing or new workflow statuses
  2. Folder from Template- Select the tab titled "Templates" in the "create Folder window". This creates the Folders's tasks and Lists based on a template you've previously made. Choose exactly what you want to include in this new Folder- Remap due dates to preserve their relative times

Setting up Custom Fields

With our Custom Fields feature, you can create a completely unique task field to set a value, budget, or really anything for a task! Here's how to set them up for a Folder:

  1. Click on the ellipses ... next to a Folder in the left sidebar.
  2. Select Custom fields 
  3. Select Add Custom Field from the popup that appears

* Note that on the FreeForever Plan Teams are limited to 100 uses of Custom Fields.

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