Creating new Folders from your Sidebar in ClickUp is easy!

showing how to create a new Folder from a template

How to

  1. Click the >  in the upper left corner of your screen to expand your sidebar

  2. Click + icon just to the right of the Space name.

  3. Opt to create a new Folder, or make one from a template

  4. Add Lists (Optional)

  5. Click Create Folder 

Note: Each time you create a new Folder, you have the option to start from scratch or copy existing statuses, views, Automations, and/or Custom Fields from any other Folder.

how to copy existing Folder properties to new Folder


  1. New Folder - Create a blank canvas with new, empty Lists - Choose existing or new workflow statuses

  2. Folder from Template- Select the tab titled "Templates" in the "create Folder window". This creates the Folders's tasks and Lists based on a template you've previously made. Choose exactly what you want to include in this new Folder- Remap due dates to preserve their relative times

Setting up Custom Fields

With our Custom Fields feature, you can create a completely unique task field to set a value, budget, or really anything for a task! Here's how to set them up for a Folder:

  1. Click on the ellipses ... next to a Folder in the left sidebar.

  2. Select Custom fields 

  3. Select Add Custom Field from the popup that appears

arrow pointing to the Custom fields option

* Note that on the FreeForever Plan Teams are limited to 100 uses of Custom Fields.

Adding Folder Colors & Labels

Add colors to your Folders for better insight into the status of projects. Use RAG tracking to determine if a project is At Risk (Red), Behind (Amber) or On Track (Green).

Clicking Add/edit colors will allow you to add labels to the colors, applying them to the entire location!

Any Folder color you use will automatically show in the Portfolio widget on your Dashboard. Sort this widget by Folder color to easily see how projects are moving and keep your organization on track!

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