Simply right-click on any task (or click the ellipses ... ) to reveal the Quick Task Management Menu with the following options:

At the top of the Management menu, you'll see symbols that will allow you to:

In List View

Right click on any task in List view to reveal task management options

In Board View

In Board view, click on the ellipsis in the bottom righthand corner of the task to reveal task management options

Quick changes for Folders and Lists

Right-click a Folder (or select the ellipses ... ) in your sidebar and choose to:

You'll also be able to copy a link to the Folder, rename it, archive it, or delete it altogether.

Make quick changes to Lists and Folders directly from the sidebar by clicking on the ellipsis to the right of that level

Clicking on the ellipses next to a List will yield similar options, with the addition of creating a new task, email task creation instructions, and the ability to edit the List’s custom statuses and custom fields.

Pro Tip

You can also right click on tasks in the Calendar View!

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