New Features

View All Spaces List View (all tasks for an entire team)

  • Sort and filter every single task in your team! 

  • Excellent for seeing exactly what needs to be done next.

Edit tasks without leaving List and Board views

  • Rename, copy, merge, delete, and more without opening the task

  • Just right-click on any task or click the ellipses menu 

Drag and Drop tasks to the sidebar

  • Now you can move tasks to different Projects and Lists by simply dragging and dropping them into the Sidebar

  • Available in List and Board View

Other improvements

  • ClickUp has an all-new purple color! We hope you enjoy :) 

  • Specific Start and Due Times are now displayed in List and Board View

  • Quick task creation task gives you the option to create one or multiple tasks (or subtasks) when pasting multiple lines in List view

  • Use the esc key to close tasks and other windows

  • Sorting by assignees now splits tasks for each assignee into groups

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