Save and reuse statuses in Folders, Lists and Spaces throughout your entire Workspace! 

Saving Status Templates

You can create new Status Templates in three instances:

  1. When creating a new Folder, Space or List
  2. When editing your statuses within an existing Folder or Space
  3. When editing a List!

Once you are viewing a Space, Folder, or List’s Status Settings, you'll be able to view the current status templates available to you.

To create, edit, or save new Status Templates:

  1. Select a List, Folder, or Space from the sidebar on the left
  2. Select Edit Folder statuses

You'll also be able to add a new status template by clicking the plus + symbol on the bottom left. After you've constructed your new template, just click Done to save it.

Pro Tip: Space, Folder, and List templates are other great timesavers in ClickUp.

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