Personalize ClickUp to use your preferred date and time formats!

Time Settings

Visit your Profile settings and scroll down to find ClickUp's Time Settings.


Avoid confusion with other members of your team. Keep recurring tasks and due dates in check by setting a dedicated timezone for your account.

Note: ClickUp can prompt you to change your timezone when you're in a timezone that's not your default timezone. By default, this feature is enabled, but you can disable at any time by unchecking Notify me of timezone changes .

Start of the week

Start your week off right! This will adjust all calendars in ClickUp to use this day as the start of the week. 

Time format

How do you like your time? 

24 hour  or  12 hour 

Date format

Set your preferred date formatting
M/D/Y - D/M/Y - Y/M/D 

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