While archived items will be hidden automatically, they are still saved so you can search for them at a later date!

How to Archive a Space

  1. Click the ellipses menu ...  next to a Space name

  2. Click Archive 

  3. Confirm 

How to Show Archived Spaces:

  1. Click the Settings icon

  2. Click Show archived

How to Unarchive a Space:

Unarchive a single Space by following the steps above, then Click unarchive

Restore multiple Spaces at once with the Archived Spaces tab in your Spaces settings. Note: this page is only available for Admins+

  1. Click on your profile avatar and select Spaces from the pop-up menu

  2. Select the Archived Spaces tab

  3. Click Restore on the Space to unarchive it

Be sure to check out our docs on archiving and unarchiving Folders and Lists!

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