Start dates help your Workspace members separate the tasks that need to be worked on today from those that can wait until later.

Combined with due dates, start dates allow you to provide more accurate timeframes for tasks. 

Reveal Start Dates

Reveal the column in List View from the + menu

how to add start date custom field

Adding Start Dates

List View

  1. Open the calendar under the 'Start Date' Column

  2. Either select a date from the calendar or type in your desired Start date with our natural language processing option

Setting the start date for a task from List view

Task View

Click on the calendar on the upper right side of an open task to add a start date.

How to set start/due dates in task view

Board View

Hover over a task and click on the calendar to enter a start date.

  Calendar View

  1. Click on “Unscheduled and overdue tasks”

  2. Drag a task onto a day to set a start and due date

Drag and drop tasks onto the calendar view to schedule start/due date

Sorting and Filtering with Start Dates

Utilize start dates to sort and filter your tasks in List View

Just click on the filter button or select the Start Date sorting option from the columns shown above your list of tasks!

how to filter by start date in List view
how to sort a column in List view

Pro tip: Adjust your calendar's default start-of-the-week in your Time Settings.

Note: You can set Start Dates as far into the future as you can imagine, and a very very long way into the past!

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