With the power of the @ symbol, mention a user, Team, task, Doc, views, or any level of the Hierarchy to quickly reference or tag members in your Workspace. 

Task URLs referenced in a task's description or comments are automatically recognized and stored in one convenient location on each task.

Task URLs are unfurled and automatically create a connection between the task you're viewing and the mentioned task.

Mention Spaces, Folders, Lists, & Views

Space, Folder, List, and view URLs are unfurled and automatically create a connection between the task you're viewing and the location you've mentioned!

Quickly embed a Folder, List, or View by pasting the URL and select the Embed from the Link Unfurl menu.

Task & Doc Unfurl

Simply use @@ to mention tasks and @@@ to mention Docs in a task description or comment field. Choose a task or Doc to create an unfurled link.

When searching for subtasks to mention, we'll always show the parent task so you can easily find the right one.

Screenshot of the task selector

Mention a Doc

Doc mentions allow you to quickly click into a Doc and make edits without having to leave the area you're working in. 

Screenshot of a task mention in a Doc

Tip: Give your Doc a unique emoji or icon as a page identifier to display alongside the page name anywhere it's mentioned.


Quickly move task and Doc mentions around to reorder them. This is especially useful when you are trying to create a priority list of tasks.


Hover over a task mention to see a task's location, title, status, and priority. You can open a task in a new tab, copy the link, or remove the mention.

Screenshot of a task mention

One-Way Linking

When you mention a task in another task, linking occurs behind the scenes. 

Now, when you go back to the task that has been linked to, you'll find a mentions area in the bottom of your task window.

This counter shows how many other tasks are mentioned in this task. You can click to expand the list and quickly jump to each mentioned task. 

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