When the sheer volume of tasks gets out of hand, ClickUp's advanced filtering options help you drill down to see the information you need.

Search Tasks

Quickly search for keywords in the List, Folder or Space that you're viewing by entering them here:

If a task title contains this keyword, it will pop up in your filter results.

Want subtasks to appear from your keyword search? Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the subtask icon to the left of the filter space shown above
  2. Select “As separate tasks” from the Show Subtasks menu


Apply filtering options in List View to cut out the clutter and only see tasks that apply to specific criteria. To get started, just click on the funnel icon and select the + icon:

  • Assignees - View tasks assigned to a specific user in your Workspace.
  • Status - Only show tasks in a certain stage of your workflow.
  • Creator- View tasks created by specific people.
  • Date created - See tasks created on a certain date, or within a certain timeframe.
  • Date updated - Display the tasks that people have recently worked on. Select a specific date or a before/after date.
  • Date Closed: Display when the task was moved to “closed” status.
  • Due date - Filter out tasks that aren't going to be required in the near future. Select a specific date or a before/after date. 
  • Start date-  See all tasks with specified start dates. Select a specific date or a before/after date.
  • Priority - Sift out tasks that don't require immediate attention. 
  • Assigned comments - Refine your task list and only show tasks with (or without) assigned comments. 
  • Tags - Set your filter to match any or all selected Tags. You can also filter for all tasks that do not contain tags.
  • Is recurring - See only the recurring tasks in your workflow. Alternatively, see all tasks that are not recurring.
  • Archived- Show tasks that are archived, or include archived tasks in your overall filtering view.
  • Custom Fields - Filter by a completely unique task field that you create for a value, budget, or really anything!
  • Dependencies- See which tasks are "waiting on" or "blocking" others. Alternatively, filter to see which task do/ don’t contain dependencies.
  • Time Estimates: See which tasks do/don’t contain estimates. You can also specify a greater than/ less than/ equal to value for the filter.
  • Time Logged: See which tasks do/don’t contain time logs. You can also specify a greater than/ less than/ equal to value for the filter.
  • Location: Filter to show select Spaces, Folders, and/or Lists

Keep in mind that you can also save your filters, check out this doc for more info!

Pro Tips

  • When filtering by due date or start date, try applying the Today & Earlier option. This will allow you to see all tasks that are overdue or due today , as well as tasks with start dates on or before today
  • Once you’ve applied filtering that you like, you can save the view as a Favorite. This will generate a custom view that you can jump back to any time!
  • Be sure to check out task sorting options, as well as how you can filter tasks in Board View.
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