Most ClickUp users prefer to spend their time in either List or Board View, so it's a good idea to be aware of the different features they provide to increase productivity!

List View

In this view users are presented with a list of their tasks under a specified Space, Project, or List. This provides an overview of which tasks need to be completed within each level of the Hierarchy structure.

Within each list, tasks are organized by their custom or simple statuses, allowing users to see exactly where each task resides within their workflows.

Additional Benefits of List View

  • Task Sorting: Arrange your tasks according to due date, priority, assignee, and more. 
  • View All Spaces: This allows you to start with a high-level perspective of every task within your Team, and then drill-down to see exactly what you need.
  • Make changes in bulk: With the multitask toolbar, you can quickly select multiple tasks to assign them, change their status, delete them, and more!

Board View

This is the ideal view for agile teams due to its powerful drag and drop interface. 

Tasks in Board view are arranged vertically according to their statuses, giving users a clear visual of the tasks' progressions. As in List View, you have the option to view all tasks within a Space, or even view all Spaces within your ClickUp Team.

Additional Benefits of Board View

  • Quick-create Tasks within any Status: Unlike in List View where users can only add tasks to the "Open" status, Board View allows users to add tasks to any status by clicking the + symbol at the top of each column.
  • Drag and Drop: While this is possible in List View, the drag and drop feature in Board View provides users with the most clear visualization of how tasks move through their workflows.
  • Add a Cover Image: Pin an attached image within a task so it will be displayed when seeing the task in Board View. Check out this doc to learn more!
  • Make changes in bulk: You can also use the Multitask Toolbar in Board View to make quick changes to groups of tasks!

Viewing Projects in List and Board Views

List View 

List View breaks down Projects by their individual lists in a vertical manner, making sure you can correlate tasks to specific objectives within a List.

Board View 

Board View places all tasks under their respective statuses. 

Keep in mind that Board View provides a "zoomed in" look at the status workflows within your Team. Therefore, all of your task columns will be arranged by status.

Be sure to check out Box View for great insight into what each member of your Team is working on!

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