Why Use Tags? 

Tags help you organize tasks on a whole new level and provide them with a renewed sense of purpose!

Tags shine when you need to group, view, or manage related tasks that don't have a strict status or location in your Workspace's structure. 

gif showing how to add a tag in task view

How should I use Tags?

The beauty of tags is that they're unrestricted. However, because of this, it's important to have a game plan for how you want to use them so they don't become unruly.

Our team at ClickUp often uses tags to group items into things like:

  • Types (bugs vs feature requests) 

  • Locations

  • Clients

More examples here

However you decide to use tags, make sure your whole team is aware of your process so you can maintain open communication.

Are Tags Global?

Tags are a ClickApp implemented at the Space level. Therefore, all tags available in one Space are not necessarily available in another. 

However, if you move a task with a tag to a Space that doesn't yet have that tag, then the new Space will automatically inherit that tag. No need to do any manual work!

When renaming, removing, or deleting tags, the changes you make will affect all the tags throughout that Space.

Renaming Tags

Changing Colors


Removing a tag means untagging that task. Whereas, deleting a tag actually deletes the tag from the Space (and deletes it from every task that has that tag in the Space). If you accidentally delete a tag you still need, restore it from the trash can

Enabling Tags in ClickUp

Tags are an optional feature in ClickUp. To enable them in your Spaces, proceed to the Spaces page in your Settings. On your Space tab, click on the Tags icon to toggle it on!

where to toggle on tags in spaces in settings

Places you can add Tags 

Task View: Click the tag button in the upper left section of your task to edit, delete, or add tags. You can also hover over existing tags and press the red X to remove them.

adding a tag in task view

List View: Select the tag button on any unopened task in List View to search for or create new tags within the task.

adding a tag to a task in list view

Board View: Hover over a task in Board View to see the tag button appear. Click on the button to start adding tags to the task!

adding a tag to a task in board view

Filtering with Tags

Once you've enabled Tags within a Space, you can utilize them to filter your tasks in List View

Just click on the filter button and select Tags to search for the tags you need!

Tags are unique to each Space, but tags with the same string will be treated as the same tag when filtering and viewing all Spaces. Just click the filter button in List, Board, or Time view then, click "Tags" and enter the tags you'd like to filter for!

where to filter for tags in simple layout

Guests and Tags

Choose whether guests within a Space are able to use Tags. By default, guests will be able to see the tags on a task, but they will not be able to interact with them. 

If you are an admin or Workspace owner and you'd like to enable tags for a guest, just head over to the menu behind your avatar, choose 'People', and click on the Guests tab to see the 'ClickApp Permissions' settings for each guest. With this enabled, guests will be able to add existing tags to tasks but will not be able to create new ones.

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