Remapping Start and Due Dates is a really cool feature you can use for Space, Folder, and List Templates in ClickUp.

Basically, it allows you to set either the Start or End of the project, and then we automatically map out the rest of the days for you.

How we determine the start or end date

Start and end date are determined by looking at all the scheduled tasks and taking the earliest or latest scheduled date to determine a starting point for the calculation.

Note: If a task is missing a start or end date, we'll assume it starts or ends on that same day and is a one-day duration.

Skip Weekends

We have two different ways of calculating the template, by factoring in weekends or skipping them completely.

Here is how it works:

Let's say in your template you had a task that started on a Friday and ended on a Monday.

Skip weekends off: This is seen as a task that takes four days. When remapped, this will ensure that the task covers four days no matter where they land.

Skip weekends on: This is seen as a task that takes two days because we are skipping weekends. When the task is remapped, we'll span this task for the two days, unless it falls into a weekend again where we would split it like in the original template.

Remapping Subtask Due Dates

If you're creating a template from a task that contains subtasks, you'll be given the option to remap the subtasks' due dates as well.

Check out this doc to learn more about remapping subtask due dates!

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