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How to enable Hotkeys

  1. Click on your profile avatar

  2. Select My Settings 

  3. Flip the toggle for Hotkeys on 

Arrow pointing to toggle for Hotkeys setting option


Note: Use a windows computer? Replace cmd with ctrl 

Dashboard Navigation


  • Create task t  

  • Create a new Reminder r  

  • Open Notepad p 

  • Quickswitch k or cmd + k 

  • /Slash Commands / 

  • Activate the tag-user selector with the @ symbol

  • @@ to mention a task

  • @@@ to mention a doc

  • Press m  while viewing a task to assign it to yourself

  • Edit your most recent comment with up arrow  from the comment editor

  • Use the - (minus) key to clear filters from your current view

  • Type : to quickly open and filter emojis. Press return  to select an emoji 

  • Open a new tab from any link with cmd + mouse click 

  • Bulk create subtasks by pasting a list of texts

  • Anchor a link in task description or comments with cmd + k 

  • Markdown shortcuts to convert to rich text formatting without leaving your keyboard.

  • Hover over a task in List or Board View and quickly assign it to yourself with m  

  • Show/hide sidebar with q 

  • Move to next task ctrl + shift + left or right arrow   

  • When you create a new task: Open with 1, move to tray with 2 , or copy url with 3 

image of Open, Tray, and Copy URL options

Doc Shortcuts


Mac Shortcut

Windows Shortcut

Create a comment from your selected text

⌘ + shift + M

CTRL + Shift + M

Create a task from your selected text

⌘ + option + T

CTRL + Shift + T

Highlight a text block

⌘ + shift + H

CTRL + Shift + H

Duplicate a text block

⌘ + D


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