Read more about choosing a pre-made ClickUp Folder template.

List Templates

How to save List templates

  1. Locate the List you would like to save as a template

  2. Click the List's ellipses ...  in the left sidebar

  3. Select Template Center

  4. Select Save as Template

This reveals granular options for your new List template:

  • Pick a name for your new template

  • Add a description and any tags to organize your templates

  • Choose who you'd like to share it with

  • You can choose Import everything or pick Customize included items to decide what you want to carry over into your saved template

Image of the Save as new Template page

How to load List templates

  1. Click the ellipses ... for a Folder in the sidebar

  2. Select Template Center

  3. Select Browse Templates

  4. Select a List template to open Template Details

  5. Select Use Template

  6. Customize what you want to include or exclude from your template

  7. Select Use Template

  8. If you have start/due dates set on tasks within the List, you can import them as is, or you can remap them!

Screenshot showing the ellipsis to select Template Center and Browse Templates from a Folder in the Sidebar
Template Center highlighting the Type filter with List selected to show List templates only
Use Template screen highlighting the Use Template button in the lower right corner

Remapping allows you to set either the Start or End of the project, and then we automatically map out the rest of the days for you.

Start and end date are determined by looking at all the scheduled tasks and taking the earliest or latest scheduled date to determine a starting point for the calculation.

Folder Templates

The process for saving a Folder template is virtually the same as saving a List Template:

  1. Locate the Folder you would like to save as a template

  2. Click the Folder's ellipses ...  in the sidebar

  3. Select Template Center

  4. Select Save as Template

  5. Choose a name, add a description (optional), and select sharing settings

  6. Select your Import options

How to load Folder templates

  1. Click the +  sign above your Folders in the sidebar

  2. Select New Folder to select an existing Folder template

  3. Select Templates from the top tab

  4. Choose your Folder template from the Template Center

  5. Select Use Template

  6. Enter your Folder name, location, and Import Settings

Read more about choosing a pre-made ClickUp Folder template.

Space Templates

How to save Spaces as templates

  1. In the Spaces bar, click the ellipses ...  next to the Space you would like to save as a template

  2. Select Template Center

  3. Select Save as Template

How to load Space templates

  1. Click + Add New at the top of your Spaces section in your sidebar

  2. Select the Templates tab from the popup that appears

  3. Select a Space template from the Template Center

  4. Preview the details of the Space and then select Use Template

  5. Select your Space name, Import options, and then select Use Template

Task templates

Create or use a task template from the task window ellipses menu

Start a new task from a template using the (+) in the bottom right of your Workspace

Use /Slash Commands

Use the template /Slash Command to apply a task template when creating a new task by typing /temp in the title or description fields. On existing tasks you can also use the comment field to enter /Slash Commands.

  1. View recently used task templates (use the up and down arrows to pick one!)

  2. Click Browse to search the Template Center for other task templates

  3. Type in the name of a task template to search for it

  4. Press enter to append the task template to your task

How to Delete a Template

  1. Navigate to the Template Center from your sidebar menu or new Task creation window Save as Template - just like you would to create a template!

  2. Select the template you wish to delete

  3. In the template preview, select Delete Template

How to edit templates

  1. First, create a new Folder, List or task via your template

  2. Make any edits you want to save for your template

  3. Select Template Center and Save as Template

  4. Select Update an existing template from the bottom right

  5. Find the name of the template you want to update and select Next

  6. Update the template name (or overwrite an existing one), Sharing settings, and Import options

  7. Select Save

Image of the Save as new Template page highlighting the Update an existing template button in the lower left corner

Template Privacy

Templates can be kept private, shared with your team, specific people, or you can share them with the world using a private URL.

Private Items

If you have private items that you want to stay private, you'll want to select the legacy sharing option when you share your template.

Note: Only owners of the template can adjust this Legacy option

Sharing settings of the template

You can access template sharing settings by selecting any template from the Template Center.

  1. Navigate to the template from the Template Center (from your sidebar or Task settings)

  2. Select Use Template

  3. Set the Sharing settings

You can also access Sharing settings by selecting the Share button from the top-right corner when previewing any template in your Template Center.

Share with Community

Have a great template you think other ClickUp users will benefit from?

You can share it to be included in our Community Templates by submitting yours from the Sharing menu!

After you select Submit for review, you will then complete a number of fields so our team can review as quickly as possible!

Important Note

Templates for Spaces, Folders and Lists will always include tasks in those locations. If you'd prefer just templating a view instead of tasks, use view templates instead.

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