Whether you're tracking client meetings or simply working on tasks, ClickUp provides you with numerous solutions across devices to easily track your time!

ClickUp offers its own native time tracking and reporting. In addition, we also provide time tracking integrations with Harvest, Everhour, Toggl, and more!

Seamlessly track and edit time on the go, and across devices, from your computer or using our Mobile app!

Note: If icon placement on your screen looks a little different than in this video, you could be using a different Workspace layout!

Who can use it?

  • Owners, admins, members, and guests

  • Time Tracking can be restricted from individual guests

  • Time Tracking is available on all plans. Some features are only available on our Business plan and above

The following features are limited to our Business Plan and above:

  • Adding a time entry description

  • Adding Labels to a time entry

  • Marking a time entry as billable

  • Tracking time not associated with a specific task

Enable Time Tracking

To use our Time Tracking features, an owner or admin will need to turn on the Time Tracking ClickApp for the Workspace or for specific Spaces.

Turn on Time Tracking for your entire Workspace

  1. Click on your Avatar in the lower left corner

  2. Select ClickApps from the Workspace settings menu

  3. Browse or search for Time Tracking

  4. Click the toggle to enable Time Tracking

  5. Optional: customize which Spaces can use Time Tracking

Screenshot of the Time Tracking ClickApp highlighting the option to select individual Spaces

Time Tracking is now available throughout your Workspace! 🎉

Turn on Time Tracking for a specific Space

  1. Click on the Space Settings ellipsis next to a Space in the Sidebar

    Screenshot of the Space settings ellipsis in the sidebar

  2. Click on Space settings

  3. Click on ClickApps to review and update the ClickApps available for this Space

  4. Click on Time Tracking to toggle it on or off

  5. Click Review changes

  6. Click Save changes to apply the changes to this Space

Time Tracking is now enabled for your Space! You'll also see the Time Tracking ClickApp has been enabled in your Workspace settings, but only for the Spaces where it's been turned on.

Screenshot of the Enable ClickApps screen for an individual Space, highlighting the Time Tracking ClickApp

Track time with our Global Timer

Located under the Quick Action menu on the bottom right of the screen, you're able to quickly track time to a task or create a new task to track time to.

  • Start and stop time from any computer you are logged in to with full support in the desktop, web app, and our Mobile app!

  • Always have the timer visible in Mini Mode so you never forget to stop it when done!

  • Jump between tasks that you are working on with recent time entries by starting a new timer from a previous entry

  • Users on our Business Plan and above get the added benefit of tracking time without the need to link a task first. Start a timer as soon as you start working and add details later!

how to select a task and then track time

Time Entry Details

Users on our Business Plan and above get additional features to make reporting more powerful.

  • Description: add a description to any time entry

  • Labels: add labels to time entries to be used across your Workspace for better filtering of similar tracked time

  • Billable: mark time as billable to keep track of time that is intended for invoices and time that's just used for internal reports

Screenshot of our native time tracker, highlighting the description, labels, and billable options

Time Reporting Dashboard Widget

Dashboards in ClickUp include several different time tracking widgets to provide comprehensive reporting that is easy to customize.

With the Time Tracking Widgets, you can:

  • See total time each person in your Workspace has tracked

  • Filter by custom time labels and group time entries by different properties

  • View cumulative time tracking logs for each team member for accurate information on how time-consuming a List of tasks has been

  • View time tracked manually and automatically, such as with the ClickUp native tracker, Toggl, and Harvest

  • Export the data for even more information

Note: Unlimited uses of Dashboards are available on our Unlimited Plan and above.

Sorting and Filtering Views with Time Tracking

Once you've enabled time tracking within a Space, you can utilize this feature to sort and filter your tasks.

Just click on the filter button or select the Time Tracked sorting option from the columns shown above your list of tasks!

arrow pointing to the time tracked field in List view

Places you can see Time Tracking

Time Tracking Rollup: Click on parent rollup total to see time tracked broken down by subtask. You will also see any time tracked on the parent task itself!

Note: You can choose to hide time tracking from invited guests. Check out this doc to learn more!

Edit Time Logged

To edit time logged by yourself or another user (if you're an admin), open a task and follow these steps:

  1. Select the time logged dropdown

  2. Click on a user's name

  3. Click on the pencil icon next to the time entry to make changes

  4. Press save!

how to edit time logged

Add Time Tracked Manually

Forget to input your time tracked at an earlier date? Need to add a specific time entry with exact start and end times? You can do it now in just a few simple steps!

  1. Open up a task and click on Time Tracked

  2. Select Manual or Range

  3. Add your time

  4. Choose the date when the time entry occurred

  5. Add notes, labels, and billable time entry details

  6. Don't forget to click save to log the time!

Note: Range pre-fills the start and end time with the current time for your convenience!

Animation showing the steps to manually add time tracked

Native Time Tracking

Click on the Start button to start a timer or log time to manually add time with our natural language processing feature.

time tracked options

The task stores your time in individual batches, but you can also see who else worked on this task, and for how long.

Mobile App

Track time on the go! Create and edit time entries seamlessly across our Web, Desktop, and Mobile app.

  • Start a timer on your computer and stop it from your phone, or vice versa

  • Create and edit time entries in your Workspace or on specific tasks, just like on the Web or Desktop

Time Tracking API 2.0

Get more control over your time tracking integration with our API 2.0. Build robust time tracking tools with the following data:

  • Get time entries within a date range

  • Add & remove tags

  • Get running time entries

  • Start and stop timer

Time Tracking Integrations

Note: These Chrome Extension based time tracking tools are for use with the ClickUp web app and will not work in the ClickUp Desktop app.


Install the Everhour Extension to time work within ClickUp tasks, as well as edit time logged and add time estimates.

The integration offers other exclusive benefits such as flexible reporting and sharing, and a live view so you can be aware of what your teammates are working on at all times.

Time Doctor

Visualize how long it takes your team to complete projects and analyze accurate time data about how work gets done in ClickUp!

Time Doctor can also take screenshots of your employees’ work. This is great for remote employees to ensure accountability.


One of the highlights of this integration is that time tracked in Toggl will automatically be synced to ClickUp tasks. Users can start and stop time tracking without leaving ClickUp, and associate time tracked with ClickUp tasks automatically.

Once you've downloaded the Toggl Extension, all you need to do is sync Toggl with ClickUp from your ClickUp Settings. You'll then be all set to start tracking time in your tasks!


With Harvest, you have another opportunity to sync time automatically with your ClickUp tasks. As you add time to tasks in ClickUp, your Harvest time tracking sheet will be updated with each entry containing the task title and task ID.

editing time with the Harvest Integration


With this integration, ClickUp tasks appear in the Hubstaff desktop, mobile, and web apps of the person you’ve assigned them to. From there, you can start and stop the timer with one click!


This integration is particularly great for visualizing time spent on ClickUp tasks. Quickly add time log entries to your timesheet to invoice clients, or analyze your team's activity in ClickUp with Timely's pre-prepared dashboards.

Timely Time Tracking Integration


Choose from a manual option or an easy start/stop timer. You can also link ClickUp Folders to your Timeneye account for a higher-level overview of your progress!


Track time in ClickUp tasks with a single click, and then run time reports directly from Clockify for free.

box around the Start Timer button for Clockify

Clockify will also automatically detect the name of your ClickUp task and start the timer. You can stop the timer through Chrome, mobile, and desktop Clockify apps.

In Clockify's web version, you can edit past time entries, invite people, export reports, and much more.


Track time in ClickUp tasks with a single click, and then run time reports directly from TMetric for free! In TMetric's web version, you can edit past time entries, invite people, export reports, and much more.

Pomodoro Timer

PomoDone and ClickUp come together to bring you the Pomodoro Technique in a handy time tracking Chrome Extension!

To learn more, just check out this quick video!


Sync time, analyze reports, generate invoices, estimate time, and budget each ClickUp task through the TimeCamp Extension.

Using a different time tracking solution?

Are there other time tracking integrations that you'd like to see in ClickUp? Let us know here!

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