Note: this integration is available for use with the web app only

Enabling Harvest in ClickUp

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Click Time Tracking 
  3. Click the toggle switch to enable Harvest

Tracking Time

  1. To track time in tasks, you'll need to also enable the Time Tracking ClickApp for Spaces where you want to track time. 

2. Open a task to reveal the Harvest button. 

3. Click to authorize your Harvest account

4. Choose your Harvest project and task to link to the ClickUp task

5. Start tracking time!

To stop tracking time, simply return to the task and click the Harvest button again. 

Automatically Sync Time with ClickUp Tasks

Authorize ClickUp to use Harvest by clicking Sync Harvest in your Time Tracking Settings page.

Now, as you add time to tasks in ClickUp, your timesheet will be updated with each entry containing the task title and optionally the task ID:

Please note that only Time Tracked after the integration is enabled will be synced. Time Tracked in previous ClickUp sessions will not be visible in Harvest. 

Time sync back to ClickUp can take up to 10 minutes.

More Time Tracking Options

Be sure to check out our other time tracking integrations with Toggl and Everhour.

Also, check out ClickUp's native time tracking through the Chrome Extension!

If you'd rather input your time as you go, take a look at our Time Tracking documentation.


Check out how you can use Harvest time tracking with our Reporting feature here!

Need to troubleshoot with a Harvest representative? Contact them here.

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