Certain scenarios require that Folders have different statuses than their parent Spaces. In just a few simple steps, you can implement statuses for your Folders that will delineate your workflows on a whole new level.

How do Folder Statuses work? 

By default, Folders inherit status settings from the Spaces in which they are located. 

You can override this and add statuses at the Folder level using the sidebar menu. 

  1. Select the ellipses ... next to a Folder and click "Edit folder statuses".

2. Choose the Custom option to select or create statuses for your Folder.

You can also edit your Folder’s statuses in Task View by selecting the Gear icon in your status dropdown menu.

Conflict Management

Whenever you move a task to a Folder that does not have the same statuses, you'll be presented with an option to convert your old task statuses to the new Folder's statuses.

Just select the new status you'd like the task to adapt, and press Done!

Done Statuses

Do you have tasks in statuses that are pretty much done, but you don't want to close them? Make those statuses "Done" statuses in just a few steps!

Read more about how to mark a status as "Done" here!

FAQ: If you're having trouble identifying the source of some of your custom statuses in Board View, check out this doc!

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