If you ever find that a task isn't quite fitting in your hierarchy structure as you planned, it's easy to move it from one place to another.

Move within a task

Once opened, a task's parent Space, Folder, and List will be displayed in the bar floating right above the task status. 

To move the task, click the button to the right of this bar and select the new parent Space, Folder, and List for the task.

Move tasks options

You can also move the task by clicking on the ellipses ... symbol within your task and selecting Move.

Move with the Multitask Toolbar

Select one or more tasks that you would like to move to another List. Then, click on the Move Tasks icon in the toolbar at the top of your screen. Choose a new Space, Folder, and List for the tasks, and they'll be moved instantly!

Here’s an example of what this looks like in List View:

Move with the Multitask Toolbar in List view

Add the task to multiple Lists

Do you ever find yourself duplicating the same task across different Lists, wishing there was a way to keep them all in sync? Add the same task to as many Lists as you want!

With tasks in multiple Lists, a task still lives in its home List, but you're able to create instances of it across different locations. This allows you to create organized Lists for yourself without affecting the Folder or List structure of other teammates.

Simply turn on the ClickApp, click the + icon at the top of your task, and select the List(s) you want to add it to!

+ icon in a task

Note: When you move your task(s), a popup will appear and ask what you'd like to do with the Custom Fields that exist in your task's current list but not in the list it's moving to. You also have the option to approve or deny each Custom Field individually!

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