1. [New Feature] Priority: Now you can enable Priorities for tasks. Next Week, we're adding the ability to sort and filter by Priority. 
  2. [Improvement] Real-Time Syncing (List View): Now, when changes are made to tasks, they'll be updated instantly in real-time on List View! You no longer need to refresh to see changes.
  3. [New] Copy tasks: You can now copy individual tasks using the task settings menu.
    - Next week: Adding ability to specify options and location
    - Next week: Adding ability to copy Lists and Projects
  4. [New] Convert Tasks to Subtasks
  5. [New] Convert Subtasks to Tasks 
  6. [Improvement] Customize Github Notification Settings
    - Hide Github events to avoid clogging up your notifications 
  7. [Improvement] Now you can use the Multitask Toolbar to move tasks to different Spaces
  8. [Improvement] Text Editor:
    - Added ability to insert line dividers
    - Various fixes 
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