ClickUp's people sidebar gives you the power to instantly select who's tasks are shown in your current view.

  1. Everyone (default): Shows tasks for your entire Workspace

  2. Me: Only shows tasks you're involved in

  3. People Sidebar: Choose specific people from your Workspace to see what tasks they're involved in

Everyone Mode

This is the default view. Here you will see everything for everyone in your Workspace with the ability to filter by users in the sidebar. 

Keep the sidebar open to see exactly how many tasks people have everywhere you look. 

Me Mode

In this view, you will only see tasks assigned to you.

Here, you're also able to show tasks you're involved in. This means you're still responsible for incomplete:

  1. assigned comments 

  2. assigned subtasks

  3. assigned checklist items

Simply check these boxes any time to change the items you see in "Me" mode.

Auto-assign Tip: Creating a task in "Me" mode will automatically assign it to you!

People Sidebar

See who has assigned tasks in your current view! This changes depending on who's assigned in the tasks you're looking at. 

The sidebar also lets you select people to only see tasks related to them.

How to Use

  1. Click the Everyone icon

  2. Click <  to expand or >  collapse the sidebar

  3. Click Show all  to see everyone in your Workspace, even if they do not have assigned tasks in your current view. 

  4. To hide the sidebar, select the Me icon to make the sidebar disappear and focus on tasks related to yourself

With the People Sidebar, you're also able to view tasks with comments assigned to users you've selected. Just click the icon at the bottom of the sidebar:

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