The sidebar is the mission control center for navigating your Workspace!

Beyond this core purpose, the sidebar has other cool options 🙂 Read on to discover more!

Layout Size and Style

We love providing choices! This document uses screenshots from the Modern layout, but you have the option of using the Clean layout as well. You can easily switch between the two to decide which you prefer!

Hover near the 'Space(s)' word to access the Sidebar Settings and choose your layout. or adjust the size of sidebar text and icons

Collapse (or Expand) the sidebar hierarchy

Simply click the arrow on the top right above the sidebar

Task hierarchy

This area shows the hierarchy of your tasks organized into Spaces, Folders, and Lists. Which level of the hierarchy you are on will determine which tasks are available in your view!

If you click on a Space, you will see all the Folders and Lists in that Space. Or, you can click on a Folder or List to drill down and focus just on the tasks there. You can set some views to be required at every level. Custom views are unique to each level.

Select Everything to view all tasks in all Spaces, or select Shared with Me to view tasks that have been shared with you from private Spaces.

Click on the Folder icon to view a dropdown menu of all of this Folder’s Lists.

Selecting "Expand all Folders" by clicking on this cog will allow you to quickly view all Folders and their respective Lists within a Space.

Access your Doc and Conversation Views

All Doc and/or Conversation views in each Space, will be noted in the sidebar. A number will indicate how many of each are in that Space:

Drag and Drop to organize tasks

Move tasks to different Lists by dragging and dropping into the sidebar

Create and Edit Folders and Lists

The Sidebar is the one place in ClickUp where you can create and edit your entire structure.

Simply click on the ellipses (the three dots) next to a Folder or List (or right-click it) and choose to:

Simply click on the plus icon (+) next to a Folder and choose Folder Options:

  • Create a new List
  • Import from another platform
  • Create a List from a template

Hide Spaces in Modern view (shown) or Clean view.


On the far left of your sidebar, you can access Docs, Pulse [ClickApp], Goals, Home (with Inbox), and Notifications.

The resource center is available through the ? It has excellent options for building your ClickUp skills.

Portfolios and Reporting can be accessed through the ellipses just above your avatar.

Last but not lease, at the bottom of your sidebar is your avatar menu with settings and administrative options. Note: avatar menu options will vary depending on your user role in the Workspace

Guests are external users with whom you can share select Folders, Lists and tasks.

In their sidebar, guests will only be able to see items that have been shared with them.

View all is a view that is unique to the guest. There is not a way for members to set new views for a guest there.

Tasks that are individually shared will be available in Tasks shared with me.

Shared Folders and Lists will appear in the Lists section. Guests will not see Spaces.

Keep in mind that if you share a Folder with a guest, that guest will have access to all of the Lists within said Folder. If you share a single List, the guest will only have access to said List.

Information about using ClickUp as a guest can be found here.

Need more information on getting started with ClickUp's Hierarchy? Click here!

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