This week was a pretty big one!

As the Productivity Platform, we understand organization is necessary for sustainability. The 'Categories' and 'Sections' organization terminology was confusing. 

So along with adding some really cool new features we also changed the hierarchy terminology to: Team > Space > Project > List

Doing this also allows us to add Status settings on the new Project level in the very near future. 


  1. Terminology for ClickUp's hierarchy completely revamped to be easier to understand. 

  2. [New & Improved] Sidebar
    - Entire hierarchy in the sidebar
    - Drag and drop to reorder Spaces
    - Search Spaces
    - Ability to Collapse the sidebar 

  3. [New Feature] View ALL tasks in one view
    - For an entire Space in List View
    - For an entire Team in Box View

  4. [New Feature] Quickly create subtasks
    - Press enter to quickly create a subtask and keep typing to create multiple
    - Paste a list of subtasks into ClickUp

  5. [Improvement] Sticky Text Editing Toolbar
    Do you have long task descriptions? Now you can use the editing toolbar no matter how long your description is. 

  6. [Improvements] Box View 

  7. List view optimizations 

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