Created a task by accident? Want to permanently delete an old task or one that is no longer needed? Deleting a task sends it to the Trash.

Deleted tasks remain in Trash for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

Note: Deleting a task in multiple Lists deletes it from all Lists.

There are three ways to delete tasks within ClickUp:

  1. Delete a task from Task view

  2. Delete a tasks with the Multitask Toolbar

  3. Delete a task from List, Board, or Calendar view

Delete a task from Task view

  1. Open the task and click on the ellipses ... symbol. 

  2. Click Delete.

Deleting a Task

Delete a tasks with the Multitask Toolbar

  1. Hover over a task and click on the task selector

  2. Select each task you wish to delete

  3. Select the Trash icon on the right side of the Multitask Toolbar

Multitask Toolbar Deletion

Delete a task from views

  1. Open a view

  2. Right-click on a task to reveal the Task Action Menu

  3. Click on the Trash icon to delete the task

Right Click To Delete

View deleted tasks

Workspace members have access to items that they have deleted, but admins and owners can see all items in the Trash.

If you don't want to delete tasks, you can hide them by closing or archiving.

Close a task

You can close a task and view it later by clicking on Show Closed in your List view, or alternatively, filter to view your closed tasks in the view.

Show Closed Tasks

Archive a task

You can archive the task from the task settings, which will remove it from the view entirely.

Archive Tasks

Once archived, you can show that task later by showing all archived tasks from your sidebar settings!

Show Archived Tasks

Be sure to check out how to archive and unarchive Spaces, Folders, and Lists as well!

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