Workspace admins or the owner can invite new people as members or guests. Read on for more details!

To get started

1. Click on your profile avatar in the lower left corner

2. Click “People” from the Settings menu that appears

3. Click on Member or Guests depending on what you want to do

Note: You can sort members and guests by name, email, and the date they were last active!

Invite a new Member

Type the new person’s email address into the space on the right hand side. If you want to give the invitee admin access, simply flip the admin toggle before clicking Invite. 

You can invite multiple members at once by copy and pasting email addresses from a CSV into the email address space. You can also add multiple email addresses at once if they are separated by commas.


Once you've invited a person, you can start assigning tasks to him or her right away. No need to wait for the invitation to be accepted!

Note: the search bar on the left is only for finding current members of your ClickUp Workspace.

When a Workspace has been upgraded on a paid plan, as subscription will be charged each time you add a new member seat. If you have an open member seat, you can fill that at no additional charge. For more details, see this Billing FAQ.

Invite a Guest

Guest seats are great for working with people outside your organization who only need to access specific items in your Workspace.

Guests are invited to specific Folders, Lists or tasks. Guests can not be added to Spaces.

Workspaces on paid plans can invite unlimited read-only guests, and are provided a number certain number of guest seats to use with permissions.

Workspaces on the Free Forever Plan can invite unlimited guests, but they will always have create & edit permissions.

Check out this doc for all the details about working with Guests in your Workspace!

User Activity

Gain insight into which of your teammates have been recently active in ClickUp. Along with Pulse, the Last Active column on the People is a great way for admins and Workspace owners to monitor how much their teammates are making use of the platform!

Date the user was last active will show on the far right side of their name

Want to learn more about adding and changing permissions in ClickUp? Check out this doc.

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