Storage is any attachment that you upload to tasks, List info, or Docs. Storage does not include the text in tasks or data related to the actual information. It only includes attachments.

How to check how much Storage your Workspace has used

1. Click on your profile avatar and select "Upgrade"

how to get to upgrade menu from Workspace menu

2. Under the "Upgrade" section, you'll be able to view your current storage used for this Workspace, as well as your remaining storage available.

how to see storage usage in upgrade menu

How to find all attachments in ClickUp

  1. The most efficient way to do this is by viewing Everything in List View by selecting Everything on the sidebar so that each task is listed there.

  2. Then add a status filter to show all tasks (including Closed statuses) and look for tasks with the paperclip icon image

  3. Next, check any possible archived Spaces or Folders and Lists to ensure that there are no files attached to tasks within them.

  4. Lastly, if you are an admin, you can check items in the trash can. These are tasks that have been deleted, but we hold them for 30 days just in case you need them back. You can permanently delete them at any time.

How to delete file attachments in tasks

  1. Click on the task name to open the detailed task view

  2. Scroll down the left side of the task view to see all your file attachments

  3. Hover over an attachment and click on the red trash can as shown below.

how to delete an attachment

How to delete file attachments in List Info

  1. Open the List Info area

  2. Hover over an attachment and click on the red trash can as shown below.

delete file attachment in List Info

How to delete file attachments in Docs

  1. Click Docs Home and select All

select All in Docs Home

2. Find the Docs that have attachments

3. Depending on the type of file attached, hover over the file and either click the "X" or trash can icon

delete attachment in Docs

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