Box View is the perfect place to gain insight into your teammates' workflows. 

With this view, you can quickly examine users' task counts and measure them against your own progress.


With the Team and Me tabs, you may choose to view tasks for your entire team, or cut out the clutter and simply see your own action items. However, each of these tabs display very different information in Box View.

Team Tab Boxes

Each box represents a member of your team and allows you to view each task in accordance with its appropriate status and List.
Assigned comments are located in the title bar of each box.

Me Tab

The Me Tab provides a fully expanded view of tasks assigned to you. It indicates your work history with custom date ranges, as well as all of your assigned comments. 

If you're a fan of agile project management, this view is also ideal for daily standup meetings. 


  • Tasks Assigned to Me: Displays all tasks assigned to you so you can visualize your long-term goals. 
  • Worked On: See what you've been working over any given time period.
  • Assigned Comments: Displays your assigned comments for the given period of time you've selected. You can also resolve them here without opening the task.

Pro Tip: Expand All

Opening drop downs for each status, Space, Project, and List can become quite tedious, especially when viewing all tasks

Expand all drop downs with one click!

Other Options

Need a different way to view your team's tasks? Make sure to check out our Time, List, and Board Views!

Be sure to let us know what else you would like to see on our feedback board here!

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