This doc explains features in ClickUp 2.0. Looking for a 1.0 doc? Check out this link!

Hotkeys in ClickUp are heating up! Get more done in less time - new keys every week!

Use a windows computer? Replace Cmd with Ctrl 


Dashboard Navigation


  • Create and open subtasks from Task View with Cmd + Return
  • Paste images with Cmd + V
  • Markup with backticks ` and bold text with asterisks * 
  • Open a new tab from any link with Cmd + Click 
  • Bulk create subtasks by pasting a list of texts
  • Anchor a link in task description or comments with Cmd + K 
  • Markdown shortcuts to convert to rich text formatting without leaving your keyboard.
  • Hover over a task in List or Board View and quickly assign it to yourself by clicking m 
  • Show/hide sidebar with q
  • Move to next task ctrl + shift + left or right arrow  

Slash Commands

There's no need to lift your fingers from the keyboard to add assignees, due dates, statuses, and so much more. All it takes is a few keystrokes!

Quick Switch

We've even added a quick switcher like the one you'll find in Slack! Press K  to navigate to the Space, Folder, or List of your choice.

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