How do Notifications work? Are they global for all teams?

Notifications are specific to each team. Your notifications in ClickUp are separated by teams, which means settings for notifications are also specific to each team. You can have different settings for different teams. To learn more about Notifications, view this article

Options for Notification Settings

New tasks: this setting specifies what happens when new tasks are created. 

  1. Don't notify me of new tasks (do nothing when new tasks are created)
  2. Notify me when new tasks are added (receive a 'task created' notification when new tasks are created) 
  3. Notify and watch new tasks (receive a 'task created' notification and automatically become a watcher of newly created tasks) 

Email settings: this enables (or disables) email notifications. 

Github settings: You can disable Github event notifications to avoid receiving notifications each time commits are pushed.

Future: We're already working on adding TONS of new notification settings, some of these include:

  • Push notification settings
  • Customize which types of notifications to receive
  • Webhooks
  • Ability to only receive 'important' notifications
  • Customize notifications for integrations and ClickApps (features)

How to change your Notification settings

Go to Notifications -> Click the Settings 'gear' icon

Or, click on User settings in the drop-down in top right -> 'Notifications'

How do Notifications work?

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