The Sidebar is the center of your control in ClickUp. This is where you control which tasks you're seeing in Box, Board, and List views. 

Let's go over some features of the sidebar:

Collapse (or Expand) Sidebar

To collapse or expand the Sidebar, simply click the icon in the top right section of the sidebar. 

Drag and Drop

Organize Tasks

Move tasks to different Projects and Lists with the convenience of dragging and dropping into the Sidebar.

Organize Spaces

You can easily reorder your Spaces directly from the sidebar. Simply hover over the left side of the Space name to drag and drop: 

View ALL Tasks in Projects (or Spaces)

In Box view, click "View all" in Spaces to view tasks from every single List, Project, and Space within a team. This is the only place in ClickUp to see all tasks in one view.

In List view, click "View all" in Projects to see tasks from every List and Project in ClickUp.

"Me" Sidebar

With 'Me' selected, the sidebar transforms into only things that are relevant to you

By default, you'll only see Projects and Lists that have tasks assigned to you.

You have two additional options:

  1. Show tasks with assigned comments assigned to you 
  2. Show tasks with subtasks assigned to you

Create/Edit Projects and Lists

The Sidebar is the one place in ClickUp to create and edit your entire structure. 

To activate editing and creating, click the three dots icon to open the sidebar menu. Click here to learn how to do this in the Sidebar.



  • Top level 
  • Where settings are adjusted
  • Contains Projects


  • Contains a group of Lists


  • Where Tasks are located

To read more about hierarchy, click here.

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